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2 AWS Lambda Debugging Techniques: Local SAM and Docker-Based Approaches

AWS Lambda Debugging
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July 10, 2024

As you probably already know, debugging serverless applications can be tough. The lack of traditional debugging tools in a production environment often leaves you dealing with quirky results. Inconsistent variables and high concurrency scenarios can give you some serious headaches. Below, we have listed two articles with strategies to help you debug your Amazon Lambda functions.

1. Debugging Lambda Functions with Docker on your Local Machine

Our tutorial is a straightforward guide to running Lambda functions within a Docker container on your local machine. We trust this method can initially streamline your basic testing and speed up your development process.

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Run Amazon Lambda Locally with Docker - By Thijs,

2. Running Local Simulations with AWS SAM

We found a detailed tutorial on HackerNoon for debugging your Lambda functions. This tutorial covers multiple issues you might run into while debugging and offers a more in-depth approach than our own tutorial. We particularly liked the concept of leveraging AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) for local simulation. Although you’re probably familiar with strategies like feature flags, breakpoints, staged rollouts, and comprehensive logging, we believe this information can still be very useful.

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How to Debug Serverless Apps on AWS Lambda - By Shai Almog, HackerNoon