Stackpath Stopping all Services Immediately

Jun 15, 2024
Jul 8, 2024

In what has been a turbulent history, Stackpath is now closing and shutting down all services, effective immediately.

Acquisition Spree

Stackpath’s journey began with the merger of CDNs Highwinds and MaxCDN in 2016, kickstarting a series of acquisitions to “compete with cloud and security products.”

Following the MaxCDN acquisition, several other companies were bought, adding monitoring, security, and VPN products to Stackpath’s portfolio.

Integration Hell

According to various insiders, supporting, integrating, and offering a merged product became a dramatic challenge following these acquisitions.

Integrating multiple products built on different stacks can be a company’s downfall, and it appears this was the case for Stackpath.

Serverless Product

StackPath also put effort into the serverless computing space, offering a serverless platform aimed at developers. For more information on StackPath’s serverless product and alternatives, you can visit Stackpath serverless product page.

EOL Email

On June 15th, an email was sent to all customers notifying them that the decommissioning of all assets had begun. No support or leniency will be granted.

Not long before, Stackpath sent another devastating email announcing the immediate decommissioning of their CDN product, forcing customers to scramble for new providers overnight, while larger customers were acquired by competitor Akamai.

The exact contents of Stackpath’s email are as follows:

After careful consideration, it has been decided to close all StackPath products and liquidate all assets for the benefit of our creditors. Effective immediately, we will begin the decommissioning of all StackPath services. The services impacted include:

  • StackPath Edge Compute Services (VMs and Containers)
  • StackPath Authoritative DNS Services
  • StackPath Object Storage
  • StackPath Network Transit Services
  • StackPath Datacenter Colocation Services
  • Server Density Monitoring Services

For customers who have storage with Wasabi Cloud object storage product, Wasabi is prepared to move your account from StackPath managed to a direct account or assist you in moving to another reseller/partner as required. Please email [email protected] for assistance.

We understand the importance of these services to your operations and urge you to take immediate action to transition your services and copy all data off of our platform.

Action Required:

  • Move Services: Please begin transitioning your services to an alternative provider.
  • Backup Data: Ensure all your data is backed up from our platform.


Customer invoicing was stopped on June 12, 2024. Please pay any outstanding invoices using


We are no longer offering technical support. For questions regarding final invoices, please contact us at [email protected].

We deeply appreciate your business and regret any inconvenience this closure may cause. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this transition.



A provider shutting down like this is far from acceptable and should not be considered the industry standard. Perhaps it’s time providers start offering some real support and post-mortem planning may be needed or a requirement from you as a customer.

Luckily there are a lot of alternative providers out there that can take the hit and move you over right away.

And let this be a reminder to any business depending solely on a single provider (yes, I’m looking at all you AWS-loving folk), these companies (or products) come and go, sometimes faster than we wish. Build for resillience. Have a plan B.

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