Splitbee acquired by Vercel - A threat for Fastly?

Published: Nov 10, 2022 Team

Serverless company Vercel released a press article to publicly announce their acquisition of Splitbee.

Splitbee does one thing, it it does it very well: first party analytics. Yes, Splitbee is one of thew few companies that solved the GDPR analytics problem, by running server(less) side analytics. This preventing any kind of GDPR, installation, or other hassle. Bonus feature is their A/B testing capability.

Overall this acquisition accelerates Vercel’s lead in the serverless space from the Fastlys and Sections, because Splitbee’s team seems to have a nose for what problems can be solved using a worker/serverless approach.

Vercel has made one public acquisition in the past, a company called Turborepo (high performance buildsystem for JavaScript / JAMstacks).