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Gсore FastEdge Overview

What is Gсore FastEdge

Gcore FastEdge works as a serverless platform designed to address the requirements of modern app development, and take over the server and network operation. Harnessing the existing CDN infrastructure allows you to automatically load-balance and route user requests to the nearest of 180 edge locations, ensuring low network latency and improving application speed.

The core of the product is WebAssembly runtime, which serves as a code execution environment. With a cold start time of dozens of microseconds, it launches up to 100 times faster than conventional container-based serverless solutions. Combined with the low-latency network capabilities, it makes FastEdge a great choice for building swift applications relying on dynamic content and high personalization.

Gcore is headquartered in Luxembourg and employs 600+ people. The company intensively invests in hardware and network growth, making it a future-proof asset for tomorrow’s apps and emerging workloads.

Gсore FastEdge Features

Core Offerings

Functions as a Service
Worker.js Environment
Edge DataBase

Functions Languages



Green Energy

Container and Kubernetes

Docker Support
Docker Private Registry
Kubernetes Support
Managed Kubernetes

Execution and Limits

Default Memory (MB)
Max. Memory (MB)
Execution Time (ms)
Max. Execution Time (ms)
Request Payload (MB)
Response Payload (MB)

Regional Availability

Available Regions