GreenCloud Computing

GreenCloud Computing


GreenCloud Computing, a self-funded initiative from the UK, focuses on reducing the carbon emission from cloud compute. The platform, though in its early days, offers a refreshing and sustainable solution to remediate the ever growing energy consumption of datacenters. GreenCloud doesn’t rely on traditional datacenters but sources their processing power from machines powered by solar energy.

This means that GreenCloud’s computing will be completely powered by verifiable renewable energy. Anyone who generates solar power can subscribe to GreenCloud and get paid for the processing power they share with the network. It’s as easy as installing the software on your computer or server and defining the recources you want to allocate to the platform.

GreenCloud Computing has an API and is ideal for serverless cronjobs, since cron invocations are also built into the platform. Another unique feature of GreenCloud Computing is the support for PHP and Ruby, two programming languages we don’t see often in WASM-based platforms.

You can try out GreenCloud by signing up and claiming 500 free Serverless Function calls.


Edge Feature overview of GreenCloud Computing
Functions / Serverless
Functions Supported LanguagesJavaScript, Go, C#, Ruby, PHP
Worker.js Environment
Docker Support
Docker Private Registry
Kubernetes Support
Managed Kubernetes
Availability Regions1
Default Memory (MB)1024
Maximum Memory (MB)No physical limit
Execution Time (ms)1
Maximum Execution Time (ms)100000
Request Payload (MB)16384
Response Payload (MB)16384
Green Energy
Unsupported Paid Feature Supported Unknown