Native support

Koyeb Overview

What is Koyeb

Koyeb provides the fastest way to run apps globally with high performance and a developer-oriented experience. Koyeb reduces deployment time and operational complexity by removing server and infrastructure management.

Unique about Koyeb is the built-in CDN, which honors Cache-Control headers without any configuration.

The platform has a global presence with pops in: the USA, Germany, France, Japan and Singapore.

Koyeb Features

Core Offerings

Functions as a Service
Worker.js Environment
Edge DataBase

Functions Languages

Native support


Green Energy

Container and Kubernetes

Docker Support
Docker Private Registry
Kubernetes Support
Managed Kubernetes

Execution and Limits

Default Memory (MB)
Max. Memory (MB)
128 GB
Execution Time (ms)
Max. Execution Time (ms)
Request Payload (MB)
No limits
Response Payload (MB)
No limits, excess outbound traffic charged at 0.04ct/gb

Regional Availability

Available Regions