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Stackpath Serverless Overview

What is Stackpath Serverless

StackPath ceased operations in June 2024, marking the end of an era. With a heavy heart, we laid them to rest in our graveyard. Learn more about the closure of this influential provider in our blog post Stackpath Stopping all services Immediately.

Initially renowned in the CDN sector, StackPath expanded into FaaS with remarkable agility. Their sandbox for testing functions boasted exceptional speed and required no registration, domain, or other prerequisites.

Having acquired several significant companies in recent years, their pivot to serverless technology seemed inevitable. Operating on their robust, ultra-fast infrastructure empowered by their proprietary backbone, StackPath promised microsecond delivery. Regrettably, this wasn’t enough to sustain their operations into the future.

Stackpath Serverless Features

Core Offerings

Functions as a Service
Worker.js Environment
Edge DataBase

Functions Languages



Green Energy

Container and Kubernetes

Docker Support
Docker Private Registry
Kubernetes Support
Managed Kubernetes

Execution and Limits

Default Memory (MB)
Max. Memory (MB)
Execution Time (ms)
Max. Execution Time (ms)
Request Payload (MB)
Response Payload (MB)

Regional Availability

Available Regions
45 POPs worldwide