Talos Edge

Talos Edge

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Talos Edge Overview

What is Talos Edge

The Talos Edge Platform, developed by Sidero Labs, is a secure, minimalistic solution designed for Kubernetes environments across various platforms.

Talos gained popularity among developers seeking a minimalistic yet powerful alternative to traditional Linux distributions when working with Kubernetes. Companies like PowerFlex leverage Talos for their edge architectures, serving clients such as Los Angeles Airport.

Talos' unique position within the marketplace and its role in driving innovation in Kubernetes-based architectures make it a promising solution for edge computing, IoT, and hybrid cloud environments.

Talos Edge Features

Core Offerings

Functions as a Service
Worker.js Environment
Edge DataBase

Functions Languages



Green Energy

Container and Kubernetes

Docker Support
Not directly supported; uses containerd instead
Docker Private Registry
Kubernetes Support
Managed Kubernetes

Execution and Limits

Default Memory (MB)
Max. Memory (MB)
Execution Time (ms)
Max. Execution Time (ms)
Request Payload (MB)
Response Payload (MB)

Regional Availability

Available Regions